My cooking commandments (so far…)

In the last few years since I first discovered my love of cooking and food, I have learnt a couple of essential rules to follow in the kitchen. Although my skills are continuously growing with every new meal I make, I have set myself ten cooking commandments that must be abided by at all times… Continue reading My cooking commandments (so far…)

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BOOK REVIEW: “Not Becoming My Mother” by Ruth Reichl

  Ruth Reichl's autobiographical memoir, Not Becoming My Mother is another expert offering by the renowned and acclaimed food author, editor in chief and executive producer. It is a simple read written in a lovely style. Despite its simplicity, however, this book carries at its heart insights into the most intrinsic relationship that exists: Mother and… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: “Not Becoming My Mother” by Ruth Reichl


Sausage & veg tray bake recipe

This has to be the easiest and fastest midweek dinner suggestion ever. I tried it myself and was delighted at how much flavour comes out of so little effort. I have appropriated RecipeTin's recipe by adding a few extras I like but credit for the principle must go to Nagi from RecipeTin for what really… Continue reading Sausage & veg tray bake recipe


My DREAM kitchen!

I'm sure one of the strongest threads that bind all "foodies" together is the dream of the perfect kitchen. I myself frequently daydream about what I affectionately call my "Forever Kitchen" ❤ Although I cannot actually show you my Forever Kitchen (it doesn't exist........ yet!) I would love to tell you all about it. The first thing… Continue reading My DREAM kitchen!


Original vegan sweet potato curry recipe

This is a self-devised recipe I made that was so well received on Instagram. So I reproduce it here with pride! This is an exciting and vibrantly fragrant dish that is perfect for mid-week dinners and totally strays from what would ordinarily be in your weeknight repertoire. The marriage of warm spices such as turmeric,… Continue reading Original vegan sweet potato curry recipe