My DREAM kitchen!

I’m sure one of the strongest threads that bind all “foodies” together is the dream of the perfect kitchen. I myself frequently daydream about what I affectionately call my “Forever Kitchen” ❤

Although I cannot actually show you my Forever Kitchen (it doesn’t exist…….. yet!) I would love to tell you all about it.

The first thing my dream kitchen would have is a massive island bench facing the centre of the room with breakfast stools on the opposite side. I think my desperation for more space comes from the tiny galley kitchen I’m used to in my apartment. After so many years of confinement to a tiny kitchen, my cooking creativity has to break free and I need as much space as I can get!


Just like all the surfaces in my dream kitchen, my island bench (and all other bench tops) would be covered with sealed white marble. I love the slick cleanliness of white marble and I won’t hear one word about its impracticality and high maintenance.

I also think it would be such a clever idea to have a wooden panel installed onto the end of my marble island bench to function as a chopping board and bench top for messy foods and hot pots. In light of the fragility of marble in respect to stains and heat, the wooden panel would give me enough space for the dirty work without taking away from the theme of the kitchen. There really is nothing better than when beauty meets utility and I am particularly excited about the prospect of this design feature in my Forever Kitchen.

wooden chopping board bench

Next, my dream kitchen would have a subway tile splash back. I am no interior designer, but I love the effect of these quintessentially vintage New York tiles which create a luxurious finish in stunning harmony with polished marble surfaces. If you haven’t figured out already, my favourite style is the ultra-modern, clean surface look with white tones offset by black or silver features.

One such feature my dream kitchen would be incomplete without is a tap above the cooktop for filling up pots. I recently saw this feature for the first time on Instagram and was struck by what an ingenious idea it was. It seems so obvious; why isn’t this in every kitchen? Essentially, there is a tap installed on a hinge above the cooktop which can be used to fill up pots with water. This saves trips back and forth to the sink with heavy pots of water and would be ideal for any pasta lover (such as me)!

A tap like this in black would be the perfect feature against the white subway tiles of my dream kitchen

Most of all, I would love for my dream kitchen to have a butler’s pantry next to or behind the kitchen. This is because it would be useful to have an additional fridge and dishwasher, as well as my entire pantry and ugly appliances (microwave etc.) out of view from the main kitchen. My design for the butler’s pantry would have a marble-topped bench along one side with built-in cabinetry and an additional sink for extra food preparation space. Along the other wall would run built-in shelves for all my pantry items and to store my large, bulky appliances. Of course, all my ingredients would be in clear TupperWare containers or jars with labels for the most organised and beautiful pantry.

bazaar bottles business ceramic

Whilst these are just a few of the fundamentals my dream kitchen could not be without, there are so many amazing design features and ideas available out there. I could really go on forever listing what my dream kitchen would include. I love delving into the depths of design on Instagram and the web, seeing the innovative ways people have made their cooking lives easier and more beautiful.

I would also love to know what my readers think are essential dream kitchen items. Comment below or send me a message 🙂

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