My DREAM kitchen!

I'm sure one of the strongest threads that bind all "foodies" together is the dream of the perfect kitchen. I myself frequently daydream about what I affectionately call my "Forever Kitchen" ❤ Although I cannot actually show you my Forever Kitchen (it doesn't exist........ yet!) I would love to tell you all about it. The first thing… Continue reading My DREAM kitchen!


Original vegan sweet potato curry recipe

This is a self-devised recipe I made that was so well received on Instagram. So I reproduce it here with pride! This is an exciting and vibrantly fragrant dish that is perfect for mid-week dinners and totally strays from what would ordinarily be in your weeknight repertoire. The marriage of warm spices such as turmeric,… Continue reading Original vegan sweet potato curry recipe

Coconut turmeric rice recipe

This is a great recipe when making rice to accompany a stir fry or even to have on its own. The turmeric stains the rice an impressive Royal gold while, at the same time, adding its  spice to the rice in reflection of the balmy warmth of an exotic South East Asian evening. Cooked in… Continue reading Coconut turmeric rice recipe

Easy pasta dough recipe for bench mixer

If you're anything like me, making pasta dough by hand will (sooner or later) bring you to tears (and NOT from overwhelming culinary joy). So you could imagine how thankful I was to learn this really simple pasta dough recipe in a cooking class with Australia's first Masterchef winner, Julie Goodwin. The best part about this… Continue reading Easy pasta dough recipe for bench mixer

Savoury breakfast muffins

These savoury breakfast muffins are so perfect in so many ways. First and foremost, they are incredibly easy. Secondly, they are so useful to make at the beginning of the week - breakfast for the entire week sorted! They are also a great weekend breakfast or handy when cereal just isn't hitting the spot anymore.… Continue reading Savoury breakfast muffins

Kitchen equipment I cannot live without

Since the time I first learned how to cook (I had just turned 18) I have slowly but surely accumulated a mass of kitchen accessories, devices, appliances and tools. Before I even realised what was happening, I became overrun with kitchen equipment (although, I can't complain!). I thought I would share (in no particular order)… Continue reading Kitchen equipment I cannot live without

Nigella’s vegan lemon tender cake recipe

This cake made its way into my life from within the depths of Nigella's 2018 cookbook, "At My Table" which was gifted to me as a birthday present and which I cherish as if it were a child. Though, this recipe really captured my imagination when it was brought to life in the BBC's teleseries of Nigella's… Continue reading Nigella’s vegan lemon tender cake recipe